The :30 spot targets women whoe design of the spot shows women who are in a position to buy and looking to save. A second spot will be created to target mens who also shop online.


The client wanted to showcase it's produts in the lobby. The message was designed to capture current customers who are waiting for a maggage and walk-in's who wanted to find out more. The spot aired on Massage Envy digital TV Network in selected areas.


DVD Cover design for BJ Kids91 Foundation. Over 300 youths particiated in the camp. The camp was shot in HD. Local Ohio schools also particiapted in the camp.


The :30 spot motion design video incorporated images supplied by Client. The video aired during The Phoenix Film Festival at a selected movie theatre on 7 large screens.


Advision Media developed on screen and broadcast element for the NFL Legacy Channel. The channel will be launched at the Player Network Event during the 2012 Super Bowl


The channel can be see on The internet TV Channel will showcase retired player and their stores. The Player from the past are back and you can get to know them like never before.