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About Advision Media

Advision is a full service advertising and media production company with the added dimension of being the premiere digital signage company in the Phoenix market. That puts Advision in the unique position of being able to service clients from concept to completion and to manage proprietary digital networks, providing our clients with an addition potential income stream. Businesses and advertisers continue to look for ways to maximize the effectiveness of promotional expenditures and increase profits. While advertisers seek ways to reach consumers beyond their current media buying scope, retailers are in a unique position to open their venues to merchandising opportun &spending.

At Advision Media, our concept of advertising in retail environments provides fresh and exciting opportunities. This new era will set the bar in the current-to-future digital age and usher in new advertiser-to-retailer synergies and partnerships. Video advertising; special promotions; product samplings; premium giveaways; free movie tickets; sponsored parties and special events are some of the ways retailers can provide assistance.

We also offer unique concepts for businesses to self promote to their customers with digital video advertising to build stronger sales. At the customer’s request, we can additionally offer selected advertisers who meet their criteria of increasing sales. An example of this would be a plasma vision in a bank, offering customers the many banking features, while at the same time including advertisers who best impact their profits such as auto dealerships and homebuilders. The homebuilder and dealership can participate with a plasma vision featuring their homes and autos and including the banking services, thus creating dynamic results for all.

Our team brings up higher standards for branding and marketing on digital platforms.
Dwight Moss – President & Founder
Neil Blindauer – Cheif Operating Officer
James Brandt – Program Development
Steve Rideau – Broadcast Producer
Leah Cook – Web Services
Sharon Turner – Art Director
Adam Klaasmeyer – UX/UI Designer
Christina Wilson – Senior Business Development
Joe Spikes – Legal